A Work of True Art

A Work of True Art

Almost any roofer can install a roof. It’s a lot like many people can cut hair. The main difference is that the hair grows back quickly and having it re cut is fairly inexpensive. A bad roof installation however, can be a costly nightmare. Selecting an experienced, quality oriented roofing contractor such as Rapid Roofing for your next roofing project could be your best  bet. Having successfully completed hundreds of complex roofing projects on South Florida’s most prestigious homes and commercial buildings, Rapid Roofing is your best stress free solution.

Just how do we do it?

Well, having a roof that looks truly beautiful begins before the work even commences. We will help you select a roof that compliments the architecture of your home. This step is many times over looked as the typical contractor is only interested in quickly “closing the deal”. They are simply not looking out for your best interest and are trying to push you into what seems like a great deal.  The truth is, an ugly roof or one that doesn’t compliment your building is not a great deal and you will be reminded every time you see it.

We will also help you select a roof that will be trouble free for years to come.  Property location and roof deck geometry must be taken into account.  For example, the salt air environment found in many coastal communities in  south Florida is very corrosive. Older neighborhoods have many large trees  that form beautiful canopies but promote mold growth and discoloration. Proper material selection in these harsh environments is critical. The wrong products in the wrong locations can corrode, fade, and fail prematurely. However, the right products perform just fine.

Just as important as selecting the right roofing system is having it installed in a beautiful manner. The finish found on roofs that we have installed is unmatched. Rapid Roofing’s experienced and qualified technicians are instructed to put the upmost attention to even the smallest details. We make certain that all the metal panels or roof tile lines are straight and plum. Considerable attention is given to the finishing touches. Things like mortar point up, mortar color and texture, metal trim pieces, and other small details are what set a great roof apart from the rest. Roof tiles can be installed to reflect the intent of the architecture and material selection. At Rapid Roofing  we understand that the installation of a product has to go beyond simply placing it on the roof. We can install rustic handmade tiles with loads of mortar oozing out between the joints to attain a truly Tuscan villa look. We can also install Flat tiles with perfectly straight lines for a clean contemporary or Bermuda look. Or maybe a metal roof to give your home a ‘Key West’ or ‘Island look’. The options are almost endless.

The top developers and discerning home owners choose Rapid Roofing Inc. because they know we install more than just a roof. We install a work of art.